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Group film

I want to make a group film, and get a team of people from around the world involved. Not sure what it will be about. I thought it would be cool to have one story put together from a wide variety of people. I will think of something cool to do, but if anyone is interested let me know.



I am looking into doing some videography work, for weddings, and special events. Been trying to figure out how I want to go about doing that. I want to do it to better knowledge myself with film making, and to have as much experience as I can. I am working on setting up a page on my website for videography. I want to make a sweet little demo reel to add to my page, and some nice photographs to fill it up. If anyones looking for a videographer in Michigan let me know.  Also, check out my website:

Just started the website, and needs lots of work still. Check out my films page and become a producer for my future film.

My Feature Film

I am really hoping to start filming this in about two years. Right now I am trying to save money up for it. At this point in time I am just trying to raise money, and get this film moving in the right direction. If anybody is interested in donating to help get my film going in the right direction go to my web site: there are perks that come with donating, and I am looking into adding more perks right now, but for now I don’t want to add more than I can handle.

More on my film projects.

I wish I could say I was busy working on my films, but it seems hard to find the time to work on them. With school and working midnights I usually only have time for movie making on the weekends. My friends are getting mad at me because I never hang out with them anymore, so now I have to add time for them in my weekends.

For my projects, there was a reason I didn’t describe them to much. The one short film I am doing “Fatal Projections,” is one that is difficult to explain without giving everything away. The best way I can describe it:

The film is about a military man trying to adjust back in society, but the brutal killing’s are burned into his mind, constantly projecting these disturbing images. Being let out of work early, he comes home finding his wife murdered adding more of these images that drive him crazy.

I am not sure if that explains it enough, but until I finish it thats all I can say about it. I will keep you posted on it, I hope to start filming it one day. The cost of props seem to be holding me back right now.

Another short film I started filming already does not have a name for it yet, and has no script. I planned on doing it all in my head while shooting. It is harder this way, but I also like it because I am always coming up with better ideas, so instead of re- writing a script I can just go with the flow.

The short film is about a women who finds out that her husband is cheating on her, and tortures him slowly till his death. This short I planned on being sick, bloody, and brutal with a little bit of a twist.

Now for my pride a joy feature film “Clairvoyant,” is one that I really don’t want to talk about, but I will say the inspiration for this film came from a book I read, which is about “Edgar Cayce.” Though the film is not about him, it does include certain things that he went through. If you do not know “Edgar Cayce,” I really suggest you read his bio online. His life is one amazing story, and really changed the way I looked at life, and made me want to be a better person. The best book on him is called, “There is a river.” It is a very good book on His life.

I always seem to have all these ideas about different films, but not enough to go anywhere with them, so until I do I won’t talk about them now. I really hope this post explains a little bit more about my projects I have been working on. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my post, and responding to them I appreciate it very much.

Working on a short film

I did my arm wound make-up saturday and came up with a short film I wanted to do with it, so I ended setting up a set to shoot, and writing an outline for it. I ended working on the set and story line until 3 a.m. By that time I was ready to start shooting, and tired as hell at the same time.

I got really tired after I decided to drink a beer, which I knew was a bad idea. After ten hours of preperation I ended up filming about 2 mins of actual good footage out of the 10mins I shot. I do have to say the 2 mins I shot turned out amazing, and i love it.

Now, I have to try and finish the story and get the rest shot on Friday so I have time to edit, and make my own scores for it. The 2mins of what I have is bloody a sick, just like I wanted. Can’t wait to see the turn out of it.










Arm wound make up

Working on a short film right now, just finished my arm wound.. Hope you like..