Dreams to movies

I had a screwed up dream last night. A young boy, and his sister were in the street singing trying to make money, and the kid starts freaking out chasing people. The sister gets pissed, and start nawing on his face ripping it appart. I woke up after that, but it was weird to have a dream like that since it had nothing to do with me.

I always wondered how many people make movies that have something to do with their dreams they had. Also, to have a dream that is so short can be impossible to make a movie out of unless it is that awsome of a dream.

I wrote a short film on just one idea I had. I thought of something cool, and sat and wrote stuff till I could come up with a story that would wrap around the one idea I had. It worked pretty good, but I have not made a movie out of it yet so I can’t really say if it’s good or not.


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