My short film projects

I have been sitting on a short film script I wrote called “Fatal Projections.” I was hoping to have this filmed by now, and get it entered into the “Blue Water Film Festival,” here in Michigan. That plan has simply came to a stop do to budget cost. I have another project that has no name for it yet, and no script either. This project will cost more I believe for the effects I want to pull off.

This now leaves me with two projects on the back burners. I have a short film called “Days,” that should not cost any money. I have the location, the cast, and equipment to shoot this in a day. I do not plan to script this short film, but I do plan on having a outline to follow. I was hoping to start that today, or tommorow if possible, and maybe shoot on saturday. Will see how that ends up working out.

It seems imposible sometimes working midnights, and school after I get out of work to do anything. The best time for me is the weekends.

Currently I have been working on writing a script for a feature film called “Clairvoyant,” and I plan on spending a good amount of money making this film. I have been working on this script for over a year trying to make it the best I can. I am hoping to shoot this film in about two years. I want to raise money, so I can actors, and other help to make it be the film that I imagine.


2 responses

  1. You seem so busy:( By the way, what are your works about? I am curious! 🙂

    May 19, 2012 at 6:33 am

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