Working on a short film

I did my arm wound make-up saturday and came up with a short film I wanted to do with it, so I ended setting up a set to shoot, and writing an outline for it. I ended working on the set and story line until 3 a.m. By that time I was ready to start shooting, and tired as hell at the same time.

I got really tired after I decided to drink a beer, which I knew was a bad idea. After ten hours of preperation I ended up filming about 2 mins of actual good footage out of the 10mins I shot. I do have to say the 2 mins I shot turned out amazing, and i love it.

Now, I have to try and finish the story and get the rest shot on Friday so I have time to edit, and make my own scores for it. The 2mins of what I have is bloody a sick, just like I wanted. Can’t wait to see the turn out of it.


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