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Fatal Projections Short Film: My Dream Location.

There is a building for sale right next to where I live, and it is an old rail road building. It was two buildings, but the one got knocked down so it is just an empty lot. The building would be perfect for a important scene in my short film “Fatal Projections.”


Fatal Projections – Short Film

Short Film: Fatal Projections

You may, or may not know about my short film project “Fatal Projections.” It is a thriller, with a twist, and is something different.

I am trying to raise money for costume, props, locations, and equipment. I have a link above that will take you directly to my website where I explain my film, and everything else a little better, or you can click on this link:

I am working on adding more perks to add to the packages I offer, but there are perks available when you back my film. I got a t-shirt made up for people who become an Associate Producer, or a higher producer package.

Become a “Fatal Backer” by donating $1. & will add your name in the end film credits; also, if you would like I will add your twitter account to my webpage for others to follow you. You can always upgrade little by little until you reach your desired package.

Be sure to follow me on twitter, and ask a question if you would like.
Help make it happen by supporting my short film, and back my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

Pirate Photo’s Color Correction

Pirate Ship Photos

My brother was driving me home from work yesterday when we saw an old pirate ship going down the river in Marysville Michigan. The photo’s are not great since all I had was my camera phone. I really need to start bringing my video camera with me where ever I go, because Ill always see something When I don’t have it with me.





Camera Phone: “Rainy Morning.”




Pictures of the rain clouds this morning. Taken from camera phone

PROAIM Arm & Vest Stabilizer System

I finally got my vest and arm stabilizer system yesterday. The FedEx guy dropped off 3 big, and heavy boxes. One box was the Tripod to hold all the equipment, the other box was the Vest, and the biggest and heaviest box was the arm, and fly cam stabilizer. I have to say I am totally satisfied with everything. The tripod was well made and super sturdy. the vest and arm were beautiful and worked great. The only thing I didn’t like is the crappy instructions, probably took me 3 hours to get everything together, and fitted right. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap one since they can cost up to $13,000. I only paid $1,400 with shipping off ebay. I also found another one on there after I bought mine of course for $625 so with shipping it would of been $800. Not bad, so look around and get a good deal bought you wont be disappointed.  It the Pro aim vest and arm stabilizer 5500.

Bought myself a present.

On July 7th I bought myself a birthday present, since my birthday is in 4 days now. I got the PRO AIM vest and arm 5500 camera stabilizer system. It hasn’t been shipped yet so I am unable to post picks of it yet. I hope that its quality is really good, though you could say its one of the cheaper ones. I did pay over a grand for it, but compared to 2-3, and even $12,000 dollars, its on the cheap side. the looks of it though look really well made, but that is just the pictures. There was no bad feedback on it though, and it looked more professional looking then the ones that are a bit more expensive. I will post pictures of it when it freaking comes. For some reason when I buy something I really want it takes like a fricken month just to get it, anything else though comes in two days. I’ll update later guys, thanks for the follows.