DIY Camera Stabilizer

Home Made Camera Stabilizer


I went out a few times with my camera, and trying to do handheld shots really ruined my footage. The location was amazing, but the footage was shaky. I was looking on the Internet for camera stabilizers, and found that they are quite expensive. I really need one, but being that I am without money I decided to try, and make one myself.


I was looking around the house for things to use, and came across my Iron Gym, which I never use for the reason of cheap door trim. I ended up taking it apart, and throwing my tripod head on it, and added two 2 and one half-pound weights at the bottom. After I gave it a test run, and found that it worked wonders.


The stabilizer works great for what I need it for, and will work well until I can afford what I am looking for. I would definitely recommend it if your looking for “DIY” equipment for costly reasons. If you have money to buy one, I would recommend that, for equipment safety reasons, because you never know how your device will hold up.


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