My Online Expierence at Full Sail University

My name is Kyle Coggins, and I wanted to talk about my process in my online Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Cinematography. I am enrolled at Full Sail University, and I am currently in the History of Motion Pictures class. The History of Motion Pictures is the eighth month, which if you didn’t know you only take one class a month.


I really am satisfied with my experience at Full Sail so far. Every teacher I have had was amazing, and very helpful. They are the teachers I wish I had back in high school. The only classes I really struggled through were my English, and Math class. The math class had a lot of work, and weekly deadlines, so you do need to make sure you put your 10-15 hours of work, and study time in.


I have learned a lot so far in just so little time, which really helped me in getting started with my future in film.

The third month class called Film Foundations, really gives you a look at all aspects of film, and helped me get started in writing my own screenplays. Then in the fifth month, teaches you a lot more about writing a script; also, teaching you how to write a script in Microsoft Word.


One great thing I like is the questions I have always had about film making got answered by contacting my instructors. A great thing about being online is the ability to contact my teachers so quickly. A few teachers I have had so far were available on AOL Instant Messenger.


If you were considering going to Full Sail University, I would definitely give it a shot if it is your passion to become a film maker; Specially, if you want to take the online courses. I have Googled Full Sail, and I am surprised of the results that show. Some results say the school is a scam, and a waste of money. They are mostly people who posted, how they did not get anywhere after attending Full Sail. In my opinion, that is there own fault; specially, when you look at the success of student to come out who worked on great movie like the recent “Avengers film.” No matter what school you go to, you still have to work hard out side of school. What I mean by this is, that you have to take the knowledge your getting and do something with it. Start getting your work, and Idea’s out to the world. Full Sail is not going to just offer you work. This is your job, and you need to put your own things together to get where you want to go.


Start making Reels of you masterpieces, or get your scripts out to Agents. Your only going to get what you put in. In my opinion, I would say this is a must of online student, because your not getting those hands on in the classroom time. You’re doing everything at home, and on your own time. Right now I am just coming up with all the ideas that I can to make something of myself.


If Full Sail is a school you have been wanting to attend for years like it was mine, then I would say do it if that’s your passion. I am happy I made that choice to apply at Full Sail, and it really has given me hope in my future of filmmaking.


If you have questions, about the online classes let me know, and I will try and help you as much as possible.





2 responses

  1. Patrick Masters

    As a former graduate of Full Sail (three Master degrees in Education, Entertainment Business, and Creative Writing), I wish you much luck on your journey in DCBS. However, please allow me to provide you some feedback on the site and its layout. I would get rid of the background image as it makes it damn near impossible to read your text. I would also get a header image that compliments the color scheme of your site.

    As you will learn, your professional reputation and image will be supported by the elements you use to represent yourself.

    Good luck to you and I’ll definitely check out your site to see your progress.

    July 5, 2012 at 12:23 am

    • Hey thanks for the comment, I will definitely change my page up. Thanks for the tips.

      July 5, 2012 at 1:51 pm

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