Short Film: Fatal Projection

Fatal Projections


Fatal Projections is a short film I started writing a few months back, as I was in the process of trying to get a film in the local “Film Festival.” My plan for the short film was going to be very cheap, but later found out it was going to cost me more than I imagined. I ended up re-writing the script a few times, because I just wasn’t satisfied with what I had. Basically, I re-written the whole beginning of the film since the first draft did not have enough details to better understand the character.


The script has been finished for a few months now due to the cost of props, and costumes. Never imagined it was going to cost me this much. I did feel a lot better when I was looking at other people’s projects, and found out filmmakers end up spending over $2,000 to make their short films. Now I know I am not crazy thinking it would cost me a couple thousand dollars to make my short film.


On my homepage of my site I detail the props and costumes I need before I can start going on my project. I did shoot a few scenes, but I was not happy with the way they came out. Most of the scenes in the short film take place inside an apartment, and the lighting is horrible. I really need to get more lights to better fill my scenes. I am using a shop light, but the light is way to bright, and I am looking to add a dimmer switch to it, so it doesn’t create so much shadow play.


I will be fundraising my short film on my website. I have a wide variety of “Producer perks,” to choose from. Please consider donating toward my short film, and be apart of a great project. I will be posting more on my progress soon.


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