Early Days of Film

The Early Days of Film.


To start at the beginning, we must look at the ones who made it possible. In the 1400’s Leonardo DaVinci, who theorized about creating a device that would reproduce reality.  Other precursors including the Magic Lantern in the seventeenth century, which projected images painted on glass plates us an oil lamp as a light source.


In 1824, came the invention of the Thaumatrope, which was a two-sided card with different images on each side that appeared to combine the images when twirled.


In 1834, came a new and improved device called the Zoetrope, a cylinder device that rapidly twirled images inside of a cylinder, which appeared to make the images move.





Media & Culture an intro to mass communications, by Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos


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