History: Movies and Images Timeline

Movies and Images Timeline.


1889- U.S. Hannibal Goodwin develops the transparent, flexible film that enables motion pictures to be created.


1894- The team of Thomas Edison opens the first Kinetoscope Parlor of coin-operated machines in New York.


1895- Film Screenings in Paris, the Lumiere brothers show short films in a Parisian café.


1896- Edison’s vitascope invention popularizes large-screen film projection in the U.S.


1907- Storefront movies theatres called Nickelodeons, “5 cent admissions,” begin to flourish in the U.S.


1914- The first national trend of opulent movie palaces open in New York.


1927-1928- sound comes to movies.


1947- The Hollywood Ten – the house Un-American Activities Committee investigates ten unwilling witnesses on grounds of allegedly having communist sympathies.


1948- Paramount Decision – the Supreme Court forces studios to divest themselves of their theaters to end the vertical integration of the industry.


1967- the MPAA introduces a system to rate movies for age appropriateness.


1977- VHS- format videocassette recorders (VCRs) hit the consumer market, creating a movie rental and purchase industry.


1990s- Independent films, particularly those that screen at the Sundance Film Festival, become an important source for finding new talent.


1995- A new 24- screen megaplex cinema in Dallas is built to spurs a building wave of giant movie complexes.


1997- The new Digital format (DVDs) is quickly adopted, becoming superior over VHS.


2000- The digital production and distribution format gains strength in Hollywood and independents.


2000- In the early 2000s, Hollywood films are digitally remastered and exhibited in the larger IMAX format.


2008- Blu-ray discs prevailed over Toshiba’s competing HD-DVD format.



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