My thoughts on today’s movies.

I am currently taking a class called History of Motion Pictures, at Full Sail University. In the class we have quite a few movies to watch, and one movie called, “The Cameraman,” that is a silent film. I believe it was 105 minutes in length, but before I watched it I thought, “oh man!” this movie will be boring. I was wrong, I fricken thought the movie was fantastic.  It really surprised me how well the film kept my attention; specially, with no dialogue in the film. It seems so hard to find a movie today that keeps my attention like, The Cameraman did. I would recommend Everyone to watch this film specially people who have a passion for film making. I do want to say there are a lot of great films out these days, but it seems like the passion has faded in some ways. Maybe this is why the film industry is in need of help. The film industry blames the internet, and the rise of piracy, but is piracy really the case here? I could opinions going either way here, but in my opinion I would pay to see movie that looked so incredible, and has just amazing reviews to back it up. Look at the recent film Avengers, that film killed it in the box office.

There is nothing better then seeing a great film on the big screen, and if people are watching movies that people recorded on a handheld camera, than the film probably is not worth watching. I think people would rather see it in theaters if they think it has potential. There are a lot of people who say that most movies these days have no story to them, and the only way a movie can come to life is with CGI. I remember when I first saw “Freddy v.s. Jason,” and to be honest I was excited. I used to watch all the Jason, and Freddy movies when I was a kid. I had to see the new one, I mean Freddy and Jason going at it seemed fricken sweet at the time. Okay, I was disappointed by what I saw. CGI blood, are you kidding me? How expensive is it to use fake blood, seriously! I won’t even mention Jason goes to space, that movie was so bad I don’t remember  a single scene from that movie, which brings me to my point. A good movie is one that you will always remember, something that impacts your life in someway.

I wanted to mention a film I recently saw, “The Raid: Redemption.” I loved this movie, and only hoped this film would be enjoyed by million. My brother and I went to see this film on opening day in Michigan, and it was only him and I in the theater. The film was so bad ass, I took my wife to see it again the next day, and so happened my brother was there again too with his buddy; unfortunately, no one went to that showing either. I will admit, I only saw two trailers for this film on television, so I could see why many people did not go see it. I believe it comes out on DVD in August, and I know that will be the next DVD I buy.

Those are my thoughts, and I felt like I needed to express them in my blog.



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