Bought myself a present.

On July 7th I bought myself a birthday present, since my birthday is in 4 days now. I got the PRO AIM vest and arm 5500 camera stabilizer system. It hasn’t been shipped yet so I am unable to post picks of it yet. I hope that its quality is really good, though you could say its one of the cheaper ones. I did pay over a grand for it, but compared to 2-3, and even $12,000 dollars, its on the cheap side. the looks of it though look really well made, but that is just the pictures. There was no bad feedback on it though, and it looked more professional looking then the ones that are a bit more expensive. I will post pictures of it when it freaking comes. For some reason when I buy something I really want it takes like a fricken month just to get it, anything else though comes in two days. I’ll update later guys, thanks for the follows.


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