Writing Feature Film: Day 3

Just wanted to give an update on my screenplay. I have not written any since Friday, but I did work on the outline some more Friday night. I did come up with the middle, and somewhat of the end for the film. I am not satisfied with it though, because it needs more. I am trying to come up with a great twist.

I want to make sure I have a good middle and ending before I start writing the screenplay some more, just in case I half to go back a get rid of some stuff. I know Ill end up doing it later, but I know it will be easier having the story I know will flow just right first.

When I wrote my Short Film “Fatal Projections,” I did not do an outline I just wrote whatever came out of my head. Not saying it was a bad idea, because I believe when you can keep writing a story non stop then you keep writing. When I was finished and read the story back I realized there is no history of my main character. I know if people saw the film they wouldn’t know anything about him. I ended up re-writing most of it, and it came out real nice, but then I read it back realizing I just turned my zero budget short film into something I can’t afford. Now the screenplay is sitting picking up dust. Oh well, I’ll do it someday.


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