Ebay v.s. Amazon

I been going on Ebay a lot to look for some deals on gear for filmmaking, and I have really noticed a big change on Ebay. I remember a few years ago Ebay was the first place I went to find great deals and usually you could find something. For low budget filmmaking I want some what professional and not a cheap DIY build, and Ebay has all the brands from expensive companies to the cheap companies. Hell, mostly its used equipment people are selling, because either they upgraded or they just dont use the product no more.

I have been going on Ebay quite a bit lately, because they have everything, and more of a variety to choose from. The thing is though, I never seem to buy anything from Ebay. Why? Because everyone is selling their items at, or above retail price. Now, I find myself going on Amazon getting what I want for cheaper. Most of the time on Amazon you can get a package deal, and it still cheaper then by the one product on Ebay. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when Ebay has a good deal, but my chances of buying from Ebay are getting slim.

I am not giving ebay a bad name because they do have everything, and have always treated me well as a seller and buyer, but its mostly the sellers who are trying to get more then retail on their products. I been collecting silver coins for a few years now, and you cant buy silver on Ebay for a good deal no more. People sell junk silver coins for prices of near mint coins. WHATEVER, I am done complaining. I just wanted to bring this up because I can. Happy Friday.


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