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Fatal Projections: “Trailer Teaser”


I created this teaser to help with raising money to make my short film happen..


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Screen Play Update.

It has been a while since my last update on the feature film I am writing, as I have been busy with work and school. I have not written any of the script in a week, but yesterday, and today I have been working on it. It is still going good, and I have completed about 26 pages so far. I really like it so far, but I know it will need a lot of work.

The idea I had for the screenplay was to try, and get it made, but think now I think I should take it slow, and concentrate on the story right now, and then once it is complete I will get the script copyrights. After that, I will try and get some eye’s on it. Hopefully, I can get some agency interested in reading it, and go from there.
I kind of have an idea for a short film I want to write, but that really is not my main priority right now. I really have to much work I have to get done with school, and my own projects. Not enough time to get things done.
Well, Happy Saturday people, and please check out my crowd funding page at and help me get this short film made. It has been taking to long to make this short film, and was hopping to get it done before winter, and the end of the world, but it’s not looking promising.

Rainy Day Slow Mo

Just some old footage I had on my camera. figured I would upload it to You Tube. The slow motion was done in-camera. A couple of the scenes I did change the shutter speed, but other than that the setting were not changed. Footage taken was taken on my Sony HDR FX-7

Poker Photos















I wanted to take a few photo up my poker chips, and cards for the feature film I am writing.





Writing Feature Film: Day 4

I am almost done with the outline for my screenplay. I think I figured out the ending I want brining a bit of a twist to the story. I feel pretty good about it now, knowing the begining starts off exciting, and straight to the point; the end, in my opinion is just as exciting.

I came up with the middle part of the outline, but really need to add more to it.

Hopefully by Friday I will have something great, so I can continue writing the script. If I can finish the script this weekend, then I can spend a few weeks re-writing and making it better. After that, I will write a paragraph or two explaining the story better for everyone.

Writing Feature Film: Day 3

Just wanted to give an update on my screenplay. I have not written any since Friday, but I did work on the outline some more Friday night. I did come up with the middle, and somewhat of the end for the film. I am not satisfied with it though, because it needs more. I am trying to come up with a great twist.

I want to make sure I have a good middle and ending before I start writing the screenplay some more, just in case I half to go back a get rid of some stuff. I know Ill end up doing it later, but I know it will be easier having the story I know will flow just right first.

When I wrote my Short Film “Fatal Projections,” I did not do an outline I just wrote whatever came out of my head. Not saying it was a bad idea, because I believe when you can keep writing a story non stop then you keep writing. When I was finished and read the story back I realized there is no history of my main character. I know if people saw the film they wouldn’t know anything about him. I ended up re-writing most of it, and it came out real nice, but then I read it back realizing I just turned my zero budget short film into something I can’t afford. Now the screenplay is sitting picking up dust. Oh well, I’ll do it someday.