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Short film: Attention

I recently wrote a short film called “Attention,” and have slowly been bringing it to life.

I wanted to write something that would be cheap to shoot, and awesome to watch. Attention is a film about a teen that is bullied at school, and to make matters worse he comes home to the same abuse from his alcoholic father.

I wanted to write something different, and didn’t want it to be a film that is controversial; therefore, I didn’t write a story about a kid going on a rampage shooting people, and wrote it for people who want to see something different, and who enjoy thrillers/horror films rather then something that we see tragically happen in are own backyards. In spite of that, I did want to create something that is an issue in are society, and bring it to life. Though my story may be unrealistic, and un-heard of I wanted to show the consequences of bullying in a way that make you feel what a bullied kid may be feeling. Bullying is a subject that goes through my mind daily, and boils my blood to see how some kids are treated. Makes me wish I could go back in time when I was in school, and help the ones who were bullied instead.

Back to the process of this short film I have created a shot log for the script, and I am currently drawing up storyboards. My drawing skills are horrible by the way, but I think it will be good enough to capture my vision, and to keep from a lot of standing around trying to figure out the next scene. I have made a list for my budget, but that is still in the process of being finished right now. The toughest thing I think I will come across is finding a location, which would be a classroom, but hopefully it wont be as hard as I think.
For now that’s about it, and I plan on updating everyone soon on further details as I make progress.



Writing a Feature Film: Day 1

For the last year or so, I have been working on a few scripts, and finished one that is a short film. I have tried to write a full length feature film, and never finished them. I hate to say it, but I think the reason for not finishing it is because I got bored of writing it. In my opinion, if your bored when writing something, then its will most likely be a boring film.

I came up with a screenplay I would like to write, and just finished writing a few pages today. Every sentence I wrote, every Character I made has kept me wanting to write more.

I don’t have a title for it yet, and don’t want to get into the film until I am atleast half way done. I am hoping Saturday I will have half of it written.

I will say the film is about Poker, “Texas Hold’em to be exact.”
I am pretty excited about it, and already got a few locations I am thinking about that would be fricken sweet.

I will be posting updates, as I continue writing my screenplay.

Pirate Ship Photos

My brother was driving me home from work yesterday when we saw an old pirate ship going down the river in Marysville Michigan. The photo’s are not great since all I had was my camera phone. I really need to start bringing my video camera with me where ever I go, because Ill always see something When I don’t have it with me.