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Over Exposed / Properly Exposed

Just finished some homework for school, and figured I would post it up on my blog.

For my over-exposed shot I did not use a neutral density filter, and for the properly exposed shot I did use it. The settings for my over-exposed shot are:


ISO: 500

Shutter: 60

Color Temp: 3100k

Properly Exposed:


ISO: 500

Shutter: 60

Color Temp: 3600k

(Neutral Density Filter 0.6)

I didn’t mind this shot, but I wanted a different look then what I got. I turned off the fill light. I didn’t change the camera settings, and the results gave me a closed loop lighting “Rembrandt” final image.


Fatal Projections: “Trailer Teaser”


I created this teaser to help with raising money to make my short film happen..


visit my crowd funding page:

Rainy Day Slow Mo

Just some old footage I had on my camera. figured I would upload it to You Tube. The slow motion was done in-camera. A couple of the scenes I did change the shutter speed, but other than that the setting were not changed. Footage taken was taken on my Sony HDR FX-7

Poker Photos















I wanted to take a few photo up my poker chips, and cards for the feature film I am writing.





Nokia Connects: Nokia Lumia 900

AUG 1, 2012

Recently I was on Twitter, and I got a message from @Nokia_Connects ( telling me he had a project he wanted to talk to me about. I ended up twitting him, and then connected through email to talk about the project. Well after a short discussion he ended up sending me out the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows phone for a couple of weeks to make a short film to submit for a contest to win the Lumia 900. Also, he sent out some Monster Headsets. Well it took a few days to get here, so it gave me enough time to come up with a great outline for a short film, and I think it sounds like a fun challenge, and I know it will be a real challenge since getting good shots with a cell phone can be difficult due to stabilization. I think I have a decent plan to take away a little bit of the shakiness, but will see how it turns out. I am planning on shooting Friday; hopefully, I can get the whole movie shot in one day.


I am updating on the top portion of this blog page. I was hoping to start shooting my short film for Nokia Connects today, but I am stuck on a portion of the script. I can’t figure out a part of the ending, because it is so crucial to the story. It is 8:38pm and I still want to get out a do a few scenes tonight. I really need to get cracking on this film.



  •  Speed and Internet

    1.4 GHz processor, 4G LTE, Bing, Internet Explorer 9, HTML5, Wi-Fi

  • The Design

    4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen, one-piece polycarbonate body, excellent antenna performance

  • Cameras

    Carl Zeiss optics, 8 MP main camera, dual LED flash, Auto Focus, 1 MP front camera, video calling

  • Battery

    All day battery life, up to 7 hours talk time

  • Social Media

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Chat, SMS

Update: August 16,2012
I just sent the Nokia Lumia 900 phone back the other day, and wanted to write an update on what is going on.
I am working on editing some of the footage I got for the short film I was making with the Lumia 900. I do want to say I don’t think the short film is going to be that great. At the beginning I was writing a script, but never finished it because I could not figure out where I wanted the story to go. It was getting towards the end of the week and decided to do something else, and came up with something on the top of my head.

I called my brother up and asked him if he wanted to help me with it, and he said yes, so we went up to where I work to get going on the short film. There was no script for the short film, as it was whatever I could think of at that moment is what we filmed, so I know the story may not make sense.

The biggest challenge when trying to make this zero budget short film is that it was only me and my brother. If we were both in the scene, then the camera was sitting on the counter. Definitely not a short film I think I will be proud of, but it was nice getting away from school work, and working on making a short film.

Would I recommend the Nokia Lumia 900 for film making?

No, I think the phone is a great smartphone, but when it comes to making a film, I would recommend getting a video camera. If your budget is a zero budget film then don’t get me wrong the phone may be perfect for what you need. The reason I would not prefer the phone is because I like to control the focus, since the phone likes to adjust every time an object moves can make for a really horrible shot.

I ended up shooting the footage with Nokia phone, and recorded the audio with another device, but decided that this short film was not about anything, but the Lumia 900. I wanted to show how good the Lumia was when it comes to both video, and audio quality.


I used the headset that came along with the Nokia Lumia 900 for when I was editing the first few scenes I shot. The sound quality was great, and they were super comfortable to have in the ears. I was really surprised by the comfort, since I never had a great experience with them. The last pair I had gave me this ear ache pain, that gets annoying, and I ended up throwing them in the garbage. In the box, the headset came with different attachment that go in your ear, giving you a variety of choices to choose your comfort.

My Thoughts on the Lumia 900

I just wanted to bring up one thing I wish the phone had, and that is a kickstand. One of the greatest add-on that HTC used. If Nokia added a kickstand, or even over done themselves by figuring out how to add a kick stand on both sides, so you could use it to hold up the phone while taking video, and photos. That would of been very helpful while making my short film since we did not have a camera man.

I should be done editing the short film, and hopefully have it out by the end of Saturday. I do want to say I am glad I was offered the opportunity to test out the Nokia product, and grateful for everything.

I want to thank the kind people at Nokia Connects for everything. Very nice group of people they have working over there, and I appreciate everything.

Fatal Projections Short Film: My Dream Location.

There is a building for sale right next to where I live, and it is an old rail road building. It was two buildings, but the one got knocked down so it is just an empty lot. The building would be perfect for a important scene in my short film “Fatal Projections.”

Pirate Photo’s Color Correction