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Video Footage I TookToday

Some footage I took today on the Sony Nex FS 100.


Kamerar Matte Box & Follow Focus

I received some new gear yesterday that I got of Amazon, and got it for a great price. The Kamerar Matte Box, and Follow Focus.


The Matte box I got for $129 and the Follow Focus was $99. Both are well made, and the materials are Aluminum & ABS Plastic.


Fatal Projections – Short Film

Short Film: Fatal Projections

You may, or may not know about my short film project “Fatal Projections.” It is a thriller, with a twist, and is something different.

I am trying to raise money for costume, props, locations, and equipment. I have a link above that will take you directly to my website where I explain my film, and everything else a little better, or you can click on this link:

I am working on adding more perks to add to the packages I offer, but there are perks available when you back my film. I got a t-shirt made up for people who become an Associate Producer, or a higher producer package.

Become a “Fatal Backer” by donating $1. & will add your name in the end film credits; also, if you would like I will add your twitter account to my webpage for others to follow you. You can always upgrade little by little until you reach your desired package.

Be sure to follow me on twitter, and ask a question if you would like.
Help make it happen by supporting my short film, and back my dream of becoming a filmmaker.