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Onioned – 20 sec Short Film

A man find himself in unbearable pain as his eyes begin to burn while cutting a tasty Onion.


Short film: Attention

I recently wrote a short film called “Attention,” and have slowly been bringing it to life.

I wanted to write something that would be cheap to shoot, and awesome to watch. Attention is a film about a teen that is bullied at school, and to make matters worse he comes home to the same abuse from his alcoholic father.

I wanted to write something different, and didn’t want it to be a film that is controversial; therefore, I didn’t write a story about a kid going on a rampage shooting people, and wrote it for people who want to see something different, and who enjoy thrillers/horror films rather then something that we see tragically happen in are own backyards. In spite of that, I did want to create something that is an issue in are society, and bring it to life. Though my story may be unrealistic, and un-heard of I wanted to show the consequences of bullying in a way that make you feel what a bullied kid may be feeling. Bullying is a subject that goes through my mind daily, and boils my blood to see how some kids are treated. Makes me wish I could go back in time when I was in school, and help the ones who were bullied instead.

Back to the process of this short film I have created a shot log for the script, and I am currently drawing up storyboards. My drawing skills are horrible by the way, but I think it will be good enough to capture my vision, and to keep from a lot of standing around trying to figure out the next scene. I have made a list for my budget, but that is still in the process of being finished right now. The toughest thing I think I will come across is finding a location, which would be a classroom, but hopefully it wont be as hard as I think.
For now that’s about it, and I plan on updating everyone soon on further details as I make progress.


Fatal Projections: “Trailer Teaser”


I created this teaser to help with raising money to make my short film happen..


visit my crowd funding page:

Fatal Projections Short Film: My Dream Location.

There is a building for sale right next to where I live, and it is an old rail road building. It was two buildings, but the one got knocked down so it is just an empty lot. The building would be perfect for a important scene in my short film “Fatal Projections.”

Fatal Projections – Short Film

Short Film: Fatal Projections

You may, or may not know about my short film project “Fatal Projections.” It is a thriller, with a twist, and is something different.

I am trying to raise money for costume, props, locations, and equipment. I have a link above that will take you directly to my website where I explain my film, and everything else a little better, or you can click on this link:

I am working on adding more perks to add to the packages I offer, but there are perks available when you back my film. I got a t-shirt made up for people who become an Associate Producer, or a higher producer package.

Become a “Fatal Backer” by donating $1. & will add your name in the end film credits; also, if you would like I will add your twitter account to my webpage for others to follow you. You can always upgrade little by little until you reach your desired package.

Be sure to follow me on twitter, and ask a question if you would like.
Help make it happen by supporting my short film, and back my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

More on my film projects.

I wish I could say I was busy working on my films, but it seems hard to find the time to work on them. With school and working midnights I usually only have time for movie making on the weekends. My friends are getting mad at me because I never hang out with them anymore, so now I have to add time for them in my weekends.

For my projects, there was a reason I didn’t describe them to much. The one short film I am doing “Fatal Projections,” is one that is difficult to explain without giving everything away. The best way I can describe it:

The film is about a military man trying to adjust back in society, but the brutal killing’s are burned into his mind, constantly projecting these disturbing images. Being let out of work early, he comes home finding his wife murdered adding more of these images that drive him crazy.

I am not sure if that explains it enough, but until I finish it thats all I can say about it. I will keep you posted on it, I hope to start filming it one day. The cost of props seem to be holding me back right now.

Another short film I started filming already does not have a name for it yet, and has no script. I planned on doing it all in my head while shooting. It is harder this way, but I also like it because I am always coming up with better ideas, so instead of re- writing a script I can just go with the flow.

The short film is about a women who finds out that her husband is cheating on her, and tortures him slowly till his death. This short I planned on being sick, bloody, and brutal with a little bit of a twist.

Now for my pride a joy feature film “Clairvoyant,” is one that I really don’t want to talk about, but I will say the inspiration for this film came from a book I read, which is about “Edgar Cayce.” Though the film is not about him, it does include certain things that he went through. If you do not know “Edgar Cayce,” I really suggest you read his bio online. His life is one amazing story, and really changed the way I looked at life, and made me want to be a better person. The best book on him is called, “There is a river.” It is a very good book on His life.

I always seem to have all these ideas about different films, but not enough to go anywhere with them, so until I do I won’t talk about them now. I really hope this post explains a little bit more about my projects I have been working on. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my post, and responding to them I appreciate it very much.

Working on a short film

I did my arm wound make-up saturday and came up with a short film I wanted to do with it, so I ended setting up a set to shoot, and writing an outline for it. I ended working on the set and story line until 3 a.m. By that time I was ready to start shooting, and tired as hell at the same time.

I got really tired after I decided to drink a beer, which I knew was a bad idea. After ten hours of preperation I ended up filming about 2 mins of actual good footage out of the 10mins I shot. I do have to say the 2 mins I shot turned out amazing, and i love it.

Now, I have to try and finish the story and get the rest shot on Friday so I have time to edit, and make my own scores for it. The 2mins of what I have is bloody a sick, just like I wanted. Can’t wait to see the turn out of it.