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Time Lapse

It has been a while since my last post so figured I would share my recent video I took out at Beards Road which is off Wild Cat rd. In Port Huron, Michigan. I have been getting into Time Lapse Videography which I shot on the Sony NEX FS-100.


Kamerar Matte Box & Follow Focus

I received some new gear yesterday that I got of Amazon, and got it for a great price. The Kamerar Matte Box, and Follow Focus.


The Matte box I got for $129 and the Follow Focus was $99. Both are well made, and the materials are Aluminum & ABS Plastic.


DIY Stabilizer Test.

Went out today to test my camera stabilizer I made, and was super suprised on how well it worked. I did have one problem though, as I seem to lose stabilization when I zoom in to get a close up shot. I wish you could change the lenses out on the Sony HDR FX-7. It would make shooting so much better. The footage is pretty good when not zooming, but it was 100 degrees out today so keeping the sweat and bugs off me made for a little shaky footage as well. It was nice just to get out and do some filming though. I am working on editing the footage right now, and I will post the video up later.